CUBIC Outdoor Kitchens 

Envision perching on a stool at your CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen, enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day on warm sunny mornings. Or maybe you’re cooking outdoors as your loved ones prepare side dishes to complement your grilled food. An Outdoor Kitchen is the ultimate outdoor entertaining area for your garden space. 

Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen Design 

A CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen Island is the perfect solution for designing a bespoke Outdoor Kitchen. It can be designed bespoke to your individual needs and requirements and can include any outdoor kitchen components you wish.  

 Whether you’re looking for an L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with multiple barbecues, fridges, doors, drawers and side burners. Or a Straight Linear Unit with a single barbecue and a Side Burner. We can turn the Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams into reality with our bespoke Island Systems.  

 The materials used to create your CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen are durable and hard-wearing yet stylish, we have a selection of standard colours for you to choose from for the body of your Outdoor Kitchen or we can provide special colours for an additional cost.  

 For our wooden cladding, we use only the highest quality woods that are suitable for outdoor use, we have a selection of four wood’s available. 

 A CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen’s worktop is ceramic, ensuring it is waterproof, food-safe and very easy to clean. We have a selection of colours available but special colours and natural stone are available by request.  

Benefits of choosing CUBIC for your Outdoor Kitchen

CUBIC Outdoor Kitchens have been designed with outdoor use in mind and can withstand all weather conditions. From snowy days to turbulent winds to scorching summers, these Outdoor Kitchens can be used 365 days of the year.  

Our prestige range of Outdoor Kitchens is constructed out of high-quality robust, weather-resistant materials and is painted a colour of your choice. This can be complemented by the addition of wooden slats to add a more natural look to your island.  

 These Outdoor Kitchens are lightweight and portable, allowing you to change its position and if you decide to move property, this will enable you to be able to take your Outdoor Kitchen with you.  

Features of a CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen  

 Our range of Outdoor Kitchen Island Systems all include the following features: 

  • Integrated sink and tap to ensure you have everything you need outdoors 
  • Integrated trash under the sink for convenience 
  •  Adjustable shelves inside the units so you can arrange them however you wish
  • Push-action catches to open drawers and doors, omitting the need for handles
  • Soft closes are in the drawers to protect the contents when being shut
  • Cutlery inserts to keep your cutlery tidy and in easy reach of your Outdoor Kitchen.

Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help create the Outdoor Kitchens of your dreams.

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