Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C1 Style

Individual Design of Your Personal Needs


The Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C1 Leaves Nothing to Be Desired

The Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C1 Style stands for the individual design of your individual needs. The characteristic linear shapes of the C1 offer flexible configurations and designs which enable you to live a much more practical, luxurious and comfortable life outdoors.

The Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C1 Style is the perfect solution for passionate outdoor entertainers. Equipped with a luxury Fire Magic Grill, combined with sufficient worktop space, a spacious sink, a refrigerator and, above all, storage space. The C1 Outdoor Kitchen offers everything your indoor kitchen does, but outdoors.



Made up of different elements the C1 offers flexibility in its design. Choose from a range of modules from BBQ modules and sink modules to intelligent waste systems and refrigerator modules.


The linear shapes characterize the overall picture and form a unit. The CUBIC outdoor kitchen C1 can be planned as a wall row, a free-standing cooking island and as a kitchen block, also in combination.



Depending on your preference, the basic functions of the Cubic Outdoor Kitchen can also be integrated into a cooking island.


This is how your outdoor kitchen becomes the place to cook and communicate. With a kitchen island, people in the garden are in one commonplace. Water, fridge and grill are integrated into one central place. It offers a large work area for preparing, cooking and grilling as well as enough storage space.


The C1 block offers as much freedom as possible when designing an outdoor kitchen. It can be positioned against a wall or stand-alone. The external dimensions of the kitchen can be adjusted to suit your needs.


An L solution is also possible here. In this way, the grill, sink, refrigerator and dining area are perfectly integrated – the ideal outdoor kitchen for everyone.


The Cubic Promise

As a manufacturer of high-quality outdoor kitchens, Cubic work with numerous local partners around the globe. All partners are hand selected by their premium distributors, each required to meet the same high standards of design, installation and craftsmanship as Cubic Outdoor Living. Cubic guarantees you individual planning and a smooth process.

Fire Magic is one of the most respected Outdoor Kitchen brands in the UK, specialising in custom, premium outdoor kitchen design and installation for over 17 years. Our expertise has resulted in Fire Magic becoming one of the UK’s Cubic Design Stores; a premium range of Outdoor kitchens and accessories that perfectly compliments the quality and craftsmanship of a Fire Magic BBQ.


Planning Your Cubic Outdoor Kitchen

The Cubic outdoor kitchen is made to measure so that it can be adapted to your individual needs. Do you already have sketches, plans or ideas for your dream kitchen? We would be happy to plan the Cubic outdoor kitchen according to your ideas. We use a modular design of the Cubic outdoor kitchen, which makes the planning process even easier.

Our planning guide will help you to get all the relevant information about the respective modules. We look forward to designing your outdoor kitchen!

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