CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C2 


Incorporate an outdoor living area into your garden space with a CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C2. Whether it’s grilling dinner on a warm summer’s evening or treating the family to a cooked breakfast on a chilly snowy morning, an Outdoor Kitchen can be used 365 days a year.  


Bespoke CUBIC C2 Outdoor Kitchen Features 

 The CUBIC C2 Outdoor Kitchen is unlike the rest of the collection. This style is ideal for a two-piece Outdoor Kitchen, a wall unit with a sink, Outdoor Fridge, storage and surface space for food preparation along with a cooking block which contains a Fire Magic grill.  

CUBIC C2 Outdoor Kitchen Design  

 Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with a CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C2.  

The open plinth design sits directly on top of stainless-steel runner feet, adding height and a stylish, modern look to the finished units. We recommend combining this style with another plinth such as the CUBIC Kitchen C1 as this provides flexibility with the ability to add extra elements such as Outdoor Fridges, access doors and drawers. 


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