Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C2 Style

Perfect for a Two-Piece Kitchen Combination


The Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C2 Sets New Standards


The Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C2 style offers the optimal solution for those who want to combine the ease of the outdoors with a functional outdoor kitchen.

Push-in doors, flush fronts and slat panelling gives the Cubic Outdoor Kitchen C2 style a distinctive, minimalistic look. The thin ceramic worktop further emphasises the light, elegant design; as standard, the worktop is 16 mm thick. The design and arrangement of the modules can be freely combined to create your perfect Outdoor Kitchen.



Intelligent minimization turns the Cubic Outdoors Kitchen C2 style into a filigree version of the Cubic outdoor kitchen with its puristic design. Closing doors and flush fronts give the Cubic outdoor kitchen C2 an elegant look. The slat panelling gives the kitchen a special highlight. A thin worktop underlines the light design, the standard worktop is 16mm thick. As usual, the design and arrangement of the modules can be freely combined.



The simple design of the C2 style is perfect for a two-piece kitchen combination. A line of walls at the back with a sink, refrigerator and storage space for preparing all meals is supplemented by a cooking block in front. A special highlight here is the combination with the kitchen in the table.


The open base design with skid feet made of stainless steel is particularly suitable for filigree, straight rows. For a corner solution or a free-standing island, we recommend combining it with a closed base, such as the Cubic Outdoor kitchen C1 has. You can flexibly combine elements from all of our designs.


The Cubic Promise

As a manufacturer of high-quality outdoor kitchens, Cubic work with numerous local partners around the globe. All partners are hand selected by their premium distributors, each required to meet the same high standards of design, installation and craftsmanship as Cubic Outdoor Living. Cubic guarantees you individual planning and a smooth process.

Fire Magic is one of the most respected Outdoor Kitchen brands in the UK, specialising in custom, premium outdoor kitchen design and installation for over 17 years. Our expertise has resulted in Fire Magic becoming one of the UK’s Cubic Design Stores; a premium range of Outdoor kitchens and accessories that perfectly compliments the quality and craftsmanship of a Fire Magic BBQ.


Planning Your Cubic Outdoor Kitchen

The Cubic outdoor kitchen is made to measure so that it can be adapted to your individual needs. Do you already have sketches, plans or ideas for your dream kitchen? We would be happy to plan the Cubic outdoor kitchen according to your ideas. We use a modular design of the Cubic outdoor kitchen, which makes the planning process even easier.

Our planning guide will help you to get all the relevant information about the respective modules. We look forward to designing your outdoor kitchen!

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