CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C3

Bring the people in your life together with a CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C3. Picture spending time with your loved ones outdoors, whether it’s grilling your favourite foods on the barbecue, or sipping perfectly chilled wine with your friends on balmy summer evenings. Or maybe you’re hosting a party for your nearest and dearest 

Bespoke CUBIC C3 Outdoor Kitchen Elements 

Opt for a ceramic worktop with a CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C3. A lacquered or powdered surface can fade over time, but a ceramic worktop ensures that your Outdoor Kitchen retains its elegance for many years to come. This style of Outdoor Kitchen allows mitred doors and drawers to blend into one another, creating a sleek, straight unit.  

Personalised CUBIC C3 Outdoor Kitchen Design  

This CUBIC Outdoor Kitchen C3 varies from other CUBIC Outdoor Kitchens by being clad with the same ceramics as the worktop and studs. This offers an exquisite look that seamlessly complements its surroundings and can be teamed with optional wooden cladding.

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