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Be inspired and take the next step to create your dream Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Magic. Our Outdoor Kitchen design specialists will take the time to get to know you, your space and your needs to transform your ideas into a world-class outdoor kitchen.

Fire Magic UK is part of the Life Outdoors group and we offer our customers an exclusive outdoor kitchen design and installation service.

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Planning Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen



Choosing the right location is also crucial for any outdoor kitchen design: Where should your Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen be? What is the subsoil like? What shape should the kitchen have? Should it stand against a wall or is it freely accessible from all sides? The right location for an outdoor kitchen depends on your needs and preferences. Maybe you prefer a freestanding kitchen surrounded by nature. Or you prefer to grill directly on the terrace to benefit from short distances. Our design specialists will be happy to advise you and find the optimal design to match your outdoor area.



The configuration of your Outdoor Kitchen Design is an important decision, from an L-shaped kitchen design to a galley style, there is a layout that can complement all outdoor space types.

If there is a lack of space, a simple run of a cabinet or two and a grill will work nicely. With a little more space, an island with a sink, a few cabinets and a built-in grill can be added. If space is not an issue, a full-sized kitchen that offers a variety of options for cooking, prep, bartending and refrigeration will enhance the space.



Consider the functionality of your Outdoor Kitchen. All professional kitchens have four distinct functional zones, and an outdoor kitchen should, too. Each of the cold, hot, wet and dry zones should be easily accessible to one another. A designated cold area is for refrigeration and ice makers while the hot area is for cooking appliances. The wet area serves as a sink and/or bartending station. Lastly, the dry area is for meal prep and extra counter space. When considering zone placement, don’t forget to plan for utilities. Make sure there is access to gas, electricity and water. These are all considerations we will discuss in your outdoor kitchen design consultation.

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