Fire Magic’s Five Ways to Cook System

The exclusive Five Ways to Cook system allows you to grill, sear, smoke, rotisserie cook and charcoal grill.


GRILL Fire Magic BBQs were designed from the base up with grilling in mind – more kw’s per square centimetre fires up the heat faster and hotter, the cooking surfaces are roomier than any other grill on the market, whilst the fire box is deeper giving ample space for convection.


SEAR The trapezoid cooking grids shape is actually designed to sear your meat faster and more effectively. The angled sides improves the flow of heat to the cooking grid, whilst the contact surface is greater than the common round grill bars, ensuring that your meat is exposed to more heat, faster.


SMOKE The Fire Magic smoker basket is a great tool, perfectly constructed to fit directly onto the cast stainless steel burner, and even includes a bottom tray that catches ashes for easy clean-up.


ROTISSERIE COOK The Fire Magic rotisserie is a polished and gleaming accompaniment to your BBQ. The powerful motor, sturdy rotisserie rod, precise counterweight all combines to produce an even rotation, which combined with the back burner ensures the rotisserie functions like a dream.


CHARCOAL GRILL Charcoal BBQs may become a thing of the past with the unique Charcoal Basket from Fire Magic. Sitting directly onto your cast stainless steel burner, the charcoal sits safely within a dedicated basket. Light the coals with the gas, for fast, efficient heat then switch off the gas when you’ve reached an optimum cooking temperature.


The Fire Magic BBQ Five Ways to Cook system really reinforces the Fire Magic motto, room for everything but improvement.